Kingdom Kids
Our mission is to build a Christ-centered foundation that equips children to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Kingdom Kids teaches the love of the Savior from age 3 through grade 6. Trinity Church also has rooms for mothers to take in the sermon while nursing or rocking their babies.
Children ages 1 – 3:

This supervised nursery is located in rooms 1 & 2, staffed 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the worship service. Our goal is to provide loving care for the little ones while the parents attend the service. Additional information sheets are available in the nursery.

Children ages 3 – Kindergarten:

This early childhood class meets in rooms 3 & 4. Lessons will introduce these children to the love of Jesus through the use of Bible stories, play, and related activities.

Children grades 1 – 6:

This elementary aged class meets in the southeast corner of the Community Life Center. God’s Word, games and crafts will be used to apply Biblical truths to their lives.

Mother’s Room:

We offer a room off of our sanctuary in the southwest corner. This room is a quiet place for mothers to nurse or rock their babies and is only for women. The service can be heard via the intercom system.

Infant Room:

This room is located in the first room on the right of the hallway that is off the foyer entrance and provides a place for parents to change diapers and rock babies that are not in the nursery. The service can be heard via the intercom system.

Our Vision for Kingdom Kids Ministry:

Is relational

Is age appropriate

Is a Disciple-Making community

Is growing in Christ

Is fun, creative, and excellent

Provide resources and opportunities to adults and parents

Model by coaching, mentoring, and teaching