Youth Ministry
The Point
Where: Youth room, in the southeast corner of the community life center
When: 6:30-8:30 every Wednesday evening
Who: Any student 7th-12th Grade

Contact the church office with questions.

Who we are and what we’re all about
The world would like youth to believe that they aren’t as capable of service to Jesus Christ as adults are. The world says they can’t be trusted to do ministry themselves or make any significant, lasting impact on the world. That anything they do will be just Ultimate Frisbee and pizza – that it will lack any true depth.

We completely disagree.
We do not “do youth ministry” at The Point. Instead, our adult leaders are coaches in Christ who help see things in each student that they may not see themselves, affirm their identity, and call them into their gifting. The ultimate result is “youth doing ministry.” And it is spectacular.

Our adult leader commitment: “To never do for students what they can learn to do for themselves. To never speak for them, but to help them find their voice.” We walk alongside students in teaching and training and setting healthy boundaries. But like a good coach, we stay off the field – it’s their ministry. It’s all about equipping them and teaching them to use the tools in their hands.

The Point is made up of students in 7th through 12th grade – yes, junior high and high school – all in one room. A typical Wednesday night might involve worship, reading and discussing scripture in our D-groups, teaching & applying, prayer for one another.

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